Reviews: Best Nike Athletic Shoes for Women

Shopping for the best Nike running shoes The Nike brand is synonymous with sports, however it started out with one product – a track running shoe.

The first Nike shoes were created by credible sources – a University of Oregon track athlete, and his coach, Mr. Bill Bowerman. They named the brand after the Greek Goddess of Victory , Nike, and have thrived by carrying millions of athletes to their own personal victories.

Best Nike Running Shoes

Available in Many Differnt Sizes & Color Combinations

Nike Zoom Equalon 4 Nike Lunarglide 2 Nike Structure Triax 14 Nike Shox Qualify
Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Nike Air Pegasus 27 Nike Shox Turbo 11 Nike Air Max Moto 8
Nike Air Max Turbulence 16 Nike Zoom Mamba Nike Free Run+ Nike XT Quick Fit
Nike Lunaracer Nike Rongbuk

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Nike running shoes have come a long way from those humble beginnings of being sold from the trunk of a car, and have managed to become the #1 most traded stock for sports apparel in the United States.

Though Nike has ventured into other sports and apparel, they still remain extremely dedicated to their one true love – the perfect running shoe. With one of the best labs in the country, Nike has been able to create expert technology to fit every runner's needs. This is truly what sets this brand apart from its competitors, and takes its athletes from good to GREAT!

Nike running shoes feature patented technology like the Nike Shox and Zoom which create a smoother stride and maximize shock absorption.

Nike was the first to create an MP3-compatible running coach application, which is referred to as Nike+. The sensor fits snugly beneath the inner sole, and tracks your pace, distance, and running stats. You can also choose different running programs, and set goals on your online profile. So, if you are looking for a way to stay motivated and on track with your workout, this is a helpful device to consider when purchasing your next pair of running shoes.

It takes little convincing to know Nike has cracked the code of producing some of the best running shoes and apparel available. You will see them at every major sporting event, race, and park you ever attend. You will be able to find them in every major store you ever visit, and in any country to which you travel.

We have poured through the best Nike running shoes for both men and women. The below table will break down shoes by pronation and stability. We highlight features, pros, cons, as well as reviews from other runners.

So waste no more time pouring over other shoe reviews, and “Just Do It”!

Reviews of the Best Nike Running Shoes

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Nike Zoom Equalon 4

Nike Zoom Equalon 4

Nike Lunarglide 2

Nike LunarGlide 2

Nike Zoom Vomero 5

Nike Zoom Vomero 5

Nike Structure Triax 14

Nike Structure Triax 14

Nike Air Pegasus 27

Nike Air Pegasus 27

Nike Shox Qualify

Nike Shox Qualify

Nike Shox Turbo 11

Nike Shox Turbo 11

Nike Rongbuk Trail

Nike Rongbuk Trail

Nike Air Max Moto 8

Nike Air Max Moto 8

Nike Air Max Turbulence 16

Nike Air Max
Turbulence 16

Nike Zoom Mamba

Nike Zoom Mamba

Nike Minimalist Running Shoes

Nike Free Run+

Nike Free Run+

Nike XT Quick Fit

Nike XT Quick Fit

Nike Lunaracer

Nike Lunaracer

Best Nike Running Shoes: Severe to Moderate Overpronation

  • Nike Zoom Equalon 4

    Searching for a motion control shoe? Look no further than the Nike Zoom Equalon 4 Nike’s 4th iteration of the Equalon provides a safe and stable environment for the most arch challenged runners in the market today. more...

Best Nike Running Shoes: Neutral to Moderate Overpronation

  • Nike LunarGlide 2

    Why create the Nike LunarGlide 2 For many years Nike has been known as company who adapts to its customers needs. The outcry for a neutral to moderate overpronating, lightweight running shoe has been brought to light by Nike loyalists. more...

  • Nike Structure Triax 14

    From Eugene, Oregon weighing in at 11.3 oz, please welcome the Nike Structure Triax 14! Nike has created pandemonium in the running world with their release of the latest version of the Zoom Structure Triax. more...

  • Nike Shox Qualify

    The Nike Shox Qualify+ is designed for runners searching for maximum heel comfort and enhanced stability. Neutral to moderate overpronators will also find these shoes are quite enjoyable when training for a race. more...

Best Nike Running Shoes: Neutral to Underpronation

  • Nike Zoom Vomero 5

    We’d like to introduce the new lightweight Champion of Comfort, Nike Zoom Vomero 5 a running shoe ideal for neutral pronation runners. more...

  • Nike Air Pegasus 27

    The Nike Air Pegasus 27 is perhaps the most famous neutral running shoe offered by Nike. For many years now runners have pledged allegiance to this comfortable gem. more...

  • Nike Shox Turbo 11

    For all our neutral footed friends searching for a trainer with some pizzaz, the Nike Shox Turbo 11 is finally here. This training shoe is designed to keep your feet on the track and out of the ice bucket. more...

  • Nike Air Max Moto 8

    If you’re an Air Moto fan, take a deep breath. The newest Nike Air Max Moto 8 has finally arrived, and it is near perfect for the neutral to underpronating runner looking for a cushiony training partner. more...

  • Nike Air Max Turbulence 16

    Hot off the waffle iron, the new Nike Air Max Turbulence 16’s are available to the public. Much like its maxed out plush predecessors, the Nike Air Max Turbulence+ 16 goes the distance for all you neutral to underpronating runners looking for foot vehicles. more...

Best Nike Minimalist Running Shoes

  • Nike Free Run+

    Nike Free Run minimalist shoes can help you break loose, and will take you on the ride of your life. If you feel caught up in your daily routine, dreaming of breaking free, kicking off your shoes, and running as far as your feet will take you, these are the perfect shoes for you! more...

  • Nike XT Quick Fit

    The Nike XT Quick Fit is a minimalist style shoe that handles all of your cross training needs, from kickboxing to spin class to strength training. more...

  • Nike Lunaracer

    When wearing the Nike Lunaracer+, you will feel like you are running in slippers. Weighing a paltry five ounces, the Lunaracer comes in as the #1 lightest shoe in our minimalist category. more...

Best Nike Trail Running Shoes

  • Nike Rongbuk Trail

    What exactly is a Nike Rongbuk Is it a running shoe, is it a hiking boot? The answer is both. This versatile shoe has the appearance of a hiking boot and contains the inners of a running shoe. more...

Best Nike Track Racing Shoes

  • Nike Zoom Mamba

    The Nike Zoom Mamba is an elite track and field shoe used in both amateur and professional competitions. Track athletes looking for an extremely lightweight five-pin spike for distances from 800m-5000m should take a long hard look at the Zoom Mamba. more...